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Hi Dr. Ria,

Friends in Maryland just called to order more of the Flea and Tick Pet Tags. She said they've had their 15 month old dog on Advantage and it still had ticks. She put one of the Flea and Tick Pet Tags on him and NO MORE TICKS! The tag has been on for 1 1/2 weeks now and she just ordered 2 more tags. It's working so well. Thanks for your awesome energy medicine products for pets (and humans). J.K.

One of my "Reconective Clients" began taking Dr. Ria's Raw Organic Multiple Vitamins.

Today she reported to me that her IBS really improved with taking them. In fact within 2 days it was a huge difference. She has taken probiotics for years, and a lot of other things and nothing has ever made such a difference as your multiples.

Blessings Judy K.

Dr. Ria has been a life-line to my physical recovery & journey toward good health & well-being for many years. She is a positive force, an encourager, a believer in what is possible & I will forever be grateful that God caused our paths to cross.


Dear Dr. Ria, I could not live in Florida where something is always blooming without the allergy bands. I wear both the indoor and outdoor bands and change them weekly.

L. O. Florida

On August 20, 2003 I had my very first encounter with Dr. Ria. In fact, I had heard about Dr. Ria approximately two years earlier. A very dear friend was experiencing some rather severe health problems. My friend shared her story with me about her road to recovery and good health. I heard many things about Dr. Ria. I heard of her unbelievable knowledge, true compassion, genuine concern, giving spirit and warm heart. Ria's desire to heal and help others was obvious.

I had my gallbladder removed 11 years ago. I suffered from severe indigestion and was on four different prescription medications daily. Most foods did not agree with me. Post gallbladder surgery, the doctors said I would feel great; that the problems I had been experiencing would be gone and I would be able to eat whatever I wanted. Well, I was the exception for sure. My health problems began to escalate. I had heartburn, indigestion, nausea, and abdominal discomfort with intense gas and problems with my bowels each and every day. I was overweight, bloated (my body was retaining fluid), and I was anemic. I had labored breathing when walking short distances. I used a heating pad weekly to subdue the abdominal cramping. On many occasions I was unable to leave the comfort of my home. I suffered from regular migraine headaches. I had a loss of appetite, weakness and fatigue. I had very dark circles under my eyes and was experiencing minor hair loss. Even my skin was dull, dry, and flaky. Looking back, not only was I feeling ill, I also looked unwell.

In an attempt to pin point the origin of my ongoing health problems I began to see a specialist. A gastroenterologist ordered many tests to be performed: Small bowel series, Upper GI, Pelvic Ultrasound, Colonoscopy, Upper Endoscopy, and Blood Work.

After the series of tests and doctors visits I was diagnosed with the following: Gastritis of the stomach, Gastric Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel (IBS), Choleric Diarrhea, Lactose Intolerance, Mal-absorption of fat, excessive bile secretion, and High Blood Pressure.

My diet from then mainly consisted of bland foods. I could only occasionally eat fruit or lettuce and could only tolerate one vegetable. My restrictions prevented me from really retaining any real nutrient value. I had to stay away from fried foods, dairy products, and foods with high fat content. I really never thought it could be any other way; therefore I accepted new controlled diet, my declining health and routine of daily medication. After all, people suffer from far worse.

A yearly visit with my specialist resulted in more frustration and doubt. I was instructed to take additional dosages of my medication and since my condition remained unchanged over the years, there really was not much else left to discuss. The visit lasted a total of 15 minutes. That exact day I decided it was time to seek another opinion. I was tired of not feeling well. I had more bad health days than good health days in a given week. I was eating very little but still gaining weight. I felt I had nothing to lose and I owed it to myself. I had trusted the doctors and the specialist to know what was best, but now it was time for me to make the decision to change my life moving forward.

Soon after this episode at the specialist's office I met with Dr. Ria. My first visit was very emotional fro me. Dr. Ria wanted to know what brought me to seek her treatment and advice. I cried as I expressed my true frustration and hopelessness to a complete stranger. Ria immediately made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She listened attentively to every word I said. She then asked me if I was willing to do whatever it would take to feel well again and get my life and health back on track. Dr. Ria told me it would take time and it would be a lot of work on my part. Ria said we would take it slow -- one week at a time.

I was definitely up for the challenge. I trusted Dr. Ria from the very beginning and after my very first appointment my life began to change. I knew I needed to follow Dr. Ria's instructions, listen to her advice and do exactly as she said. After all, I was committed to feeling well again. Little by little Ria introduced new foods into my diet; real foods including fruits and vegetables. I also began a regimen of nutritional and dietary supplements along with vitamins. My drink of choice was WATER and lots of it.

Dr. Ria was able to identify foods that would trigger problems in my intestinal tract. She offered many alternatives so I could still enjoy a large variety of foods. Ria also suggested certain spices and herbs that are healing and gentle on the system. I continued to meet with Dr. Ria regularly. She followed my progress and I was diligent in following her instructions. Dr. Ria knew there had to be healing of the inflammation to my stomach, intestine, and bowel tract. Years of problems along with medication had left much damage. The build up of toxins needed to be removed from my system with detoxification and cleansing.

In no time at all I was eating foods that I had been unable to eat for years without getting sick or having problems. I was eating a very large variety of foods and quite frankly, I was eating A LOT! I was also completely off all prescription medication within one month.

My overall appearance changed rather quickly as well. The dark circles under my eyes began to disappear. I began to lose weight immediately with the identification of water retention and my new diet. Soon I was 35 lbs. lighter. My skin tone changed from pale, dry and flaky to glowing and smooth. I was sleeping better, felt rested and had an increased energy level. I no longer suffered from daily abdominal pain, indigestion, intestinal problems, bloating or nausea for the first time in 11 years. Routine blood test results came back with numbers much improved from a year prior.

Now, a year later I feel like a different person. I feel healthy inside and out. I have been educated on what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. I have received pointers on food preparation to fit my personal restrictions. I have continued on natural vitamins and mineral supplements and digestive enzymes. I have learned to love to drink water. Ria has identified my individual problems and I am encouraged for the first time in 9 years that I have control over my health and well-being.

I have also come to learn that Dr. Ria is a wonderful listener. She is very supportive, caring, patient, compassionate, loving and faithful. Dr. Ria is a healer.

I will continue on my road to good health as Dr. Ria has laid out for me. There are no words to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ria. She did not give up on my situation or me. Dr. Ria helped me find the way to improved health. She has also helped so many men, women, and children. Ria has certainly helped me. I personally think she is AMAZING!

Many people now comment on how different I look. I am thrilled that I FEEL different. Looking better is just a bonus. Thanks Dr. Ria, you are the best!


Debbie Gloviak


Dear Ria, Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Also, thanks to my daughter for encouraging me to see you. When I first made an appointment to see you, I was in pretty bad shape, having just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition of which I had never before heard. I was devastated to have been told that there was nothing anyone could do to ease my pain other than to control is with painkillers. Presently, there is no known cure for this disease. Although I tried to use the medication for pain, my body could not tolerate it. There was not much more left for me to do at that point. At the time of our initial meeting, you listened very attentively and then you advised me that if I was willing to follow your advice and treatment plan faithfully for at least six months, you would be able to help me. I must admit I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. But here I am, six months later, pain-free and able to walk and move without painkillers. In addition, the sense of taste which I had lost also returned to me; something I was told by my doctor and specialist that would not likely come back. You proved them wrong! After only a few months, I had my sense of taste back in spite of their prognosis. Thank you Ria, for all your help! Keep up the good work and God bless you.


Anna M. Giova King of Prussia, PA

Since reaching my 40's I have been experiencing some health challenges and my anxiety level has heightened. I'd like to thank Dr. Ria for introducing me to the calm & relax bands. I am more at ease when dealing with my stress and calm enough to get a good night sleep. Thanks for advancing natural medicine.

Also my 70 year old Aunt who suffered with Sciatica won't do anything without her pain band. She is now able to continue with doing her choirs.

C. Stokley

I've had chronic insomnia since 1993. I have seen a few different Psychiatrists and have gone through almost every sleep drug alone in addition to drug cocktails. My latest doctor said that if the last combo of meds did not work then he was all out of suggestions. Well along came the LIfe Frequency Program. From the first night I used it and almost every night since, I am now sleeping through the night. I am slowly tapering off of 4 drugs I take and I realize that it will take time but I am talking almost 20 years of horrible sleeping nights.

Thank you Dr. Ria.


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