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Knowledge is power and we want to help empower you on your road to optimal health. Below you will find tips and links to start you on your way.

1. Chew your food thoroughly. Follow that old adage "chew your liquids and drink your solids." This means mix the liquids with your saliva and chew your food until it is liquefied.

2. Do not drink liquids (including water, and especially all soft drinks) with meals.

3. Eat only when hungry.

4. Try to distinguish between being hungry or thirsty. Many times people think they are hungry when instead they are really thirsty--dehydrated.

5. Eat 5 or 6 small meals per day. A meal can be a cup of soup, a piece of fruit, a handful of seeds, or a protein smoothie. (avoid fruit smoothies)

6. Avoid eating after 7 PM - the human body follows a natural cyclic rhythm. Each organ has its optimum functioning period and its lowest functioning period. The stomach functions optimally in the morning between 7-9 AM and minimally weakest between 7-9PM.

7. Sit down at a table when you are eating.

8. Enjoy food and taste each bite as you swallow the food.

9. Place your table utensils down between each bite.

10. Eat foods that are low in carbohydrates including vegetables and fruits. Try leafy vegetables instead of starchy. For exanple: Have string beans instead of corn or peas. The same applies to fruit. Try granny smith apples instead of bananas.

11. You use more calories chewing a stalk of celery than it actually contains.


12. If you want to lose weight, exercise before dinner - it will curb your appetite.

13. If you want to gain lean muscle, exercise after eating--you will burn ingested carbohydrates and prevent them from storing.

14. Buy an inexpensive pedometer and keep track of the number of steps you take during the day. Keep the number to 5000 and above if you want to maintain your weight.

15. Increase the number of steps to 10000 or above if you desire to lose weight.

16. Use your body weight for great results without spending money on gym membership by doing the following at home:


*Leaning against the wall and pushing your body away (increase the distance from the wall to make it more strenuous.)

*Lay on the floor with your knees bent and push your body away from the wall

*Purchase a door bar and lift your body up ( pull-ups) *If you are flexible you may do squats, and floor stretches; if you are not flexible, follow advice of a personal trainer or a reliable video.

*These exercises will help you reshape your body, and strengthen your bones.

17. Avoid low calorie diet plans; instead increase your activity. A diet of less than 1200 calories for an adult will reduce your metabolism; this will lead to increase in weight when you resume normal eating.

18. It makes a HUGE difference where your calories come from. 60 calories from an apple are very different than 60 calories from sugar cookies, chips or pretzels.

19. Avoid food and eating when stressed out; instead drink water. If possible go for a walk, put on relaxing music, call a friend, or watch a comedy movie.

20. Practice awareness when eating-if you find yourself searching for food as a distraction, take a glass of water or herbal tea instead.

21. Drink at least 1/2 your weight in ounces of water each day. Add drops of Double Helix water to distilled water, the fastest way to dehydrate your cells.

22. Use only natural oil-based salad dressings on your salad--avoid fat free salad dressings. Omega-3 rich flax oil and organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar are your best choices.

23. If you need to drink sodas, avoid diet soda - diet soda will keep you craving sweets and will contribute to diabetes later in your life. Manufactures of soda add salt to the beverage in addition to sugar and caffeine to increase your thirst and keep you drinking more soda.

24. Include good fats into your diet - coconut oil is excellent for those with Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid), those who are trying to lose weight or those who have dry skin. Other choices of good fats are: wild fish, raw dairy products, omega -3 rich flax seed oil, seeds and nuts, and grass-raised beef or poultry.

25. Cut back on simple carbohydrates - white flour products, breads, cookies, pretzels, candy. Instead use sprouted breads such as Ezekiel bread or crackers made with no flour -- for example, Blue Diamond nut crackers. You can now buy sprouted flour in natural food stores.

26. Add coconut oil into your daily eating plan. It is recommended to add as much as 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil for each 50 pounds (25Kg) of body weight.

27. Annual Gallbladder and Liver flush will help you maintain healthy body composition and range and keep your hormones balanced.

28. Fasting at least one day per week is very beneficial to maintain healthy weight and digestive system.

29. Dandelion tea is a very mild diuretic and blood builder. It will energize you and eliminate excess water. It is wonderful especially during the week before your cycle to reduce excess water retention, sweet cravings and irritability.

30. Exercising after a meal will burn off more fat then exercising before a meal.

31. Best exercise is the one you will stick with and develop it into a habit.

32. It takes 12 weeks to develop a new habit, make a commitment to stick with the changes for at least 12 weeks.

33. 100 grams of green lettuce has more protein then 100 grams of beets

34. Use smaller size plates to reduce the portions.

35. Order smaller beverages when in restaurants.

36. Order larger salad when in restaurant and eat it before a meal. Use only oil and vinegar or oil and lemon juice instead of prepared salad dressings.

37. Have your family enjoy time at the dinner table with soothing music instead of watching news or horrors movies.

38. If you ever experience bloating, gas or indigestion and especially if you desire to shed a few pounds take digestive enzymes with your meals.

39. If you have ever taken anti-acids STOP, instead take a probiotic before meals and complete digestive enzymes with meals.

40. Choose seeds, nuts, or fresh fruit as snacks. AVOID sugary, sticky foods including granola bars.

41. Mix one level teaspoon of chia seeds into 16 oz. (500ml) of water and let sit overnight. Drink some before each meal. Chia seed supplies high amounts of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and fills you up resulting in less food.

42. Each night before bedtime mix one tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil with one Tablespoon fresh lemon juice and drink it. This will reduce your hunger in the morning, stabilize your blood sugar during the day, and help your gallbladder function more effienciently.

43. Mixing organic extra virgin coconut oil with fish oil will speed up weight loss and help to reduce your triglycerides.

44. Organic extra virgin coconut oil mixed with flaxseed oil helps to reduce your cholestrol levels to normal.

45. For faster weight loss the amount of coconut oil recommended is 1 Tablespoon for each 50 pounds (25 Kg) of weight.

46. Replace all artificial sweetners with natural sugars. For example; honey, black strap molasses, brown rice syrup, date sugar and stevia.

47. A Quick way to find out which food will add to your waist is to place the food in water and "if it swells in water it will swell in you."

48. Never buy "fat FREE" foods because by default you are buying high sugar food. Fat, sugar and salt give food taste; if food is fat free it will be high in sugar and salt.

49. Replace all juice including organic or 100% with caffeine free herbal teas. Natural food stores sell wide assortnent of berry flavor herbal teas, brew themat home and take them with you.

50. Shop for food on a full stomach, you will make better choices.

51. Always have a shopping list with you when shopping for food.

52. If at all possible do not take small children with you when shopping for food, they will force you to buy foods you may not otherwise buy.

53. Be kiind to your body. Find a part of your body you truly admire and are pleased with. Focus on that part until you are able to love your whole boby.

54. Each day stand in front of a full length mirror, look into your eyes and tenderly say "I love you." Feel the love in your heart. If this is difficult, place a paper bag over your head exposing only your eyes, pretending you are speaking with your best friend and say "I love you."

55.If you are unable to say "I love you" or you are OK" but never say "you are not bad," your brain does not have a recognition for the "not," hence each time you include a not in a ssentence the brain takes it as a command. In the above exanple "you are not bad," what the brain heard was " you are bad."

56. Thank your body, express gratitude for protecting you and putting up with al the abuses you have done to it.

57. Respect, honor and feel compassion for your body and ask it to work with you to improve your health and shape. Your body is your temple, it deserves the very best.

58. Treat your body as you would your very best friend, a beautiful flower or a baby kitten. Would you give poison to any of them. Would you disrespect them? Would you let people abuse them? If you are like most people you would love them, be kind to them, respect them, honor them and give themm the best nourishment possible.

59. Eating foods with High Fructose Syrup (HCFS) is the sme as pouring acid on a beautiflu flower. It kills it. HCFS, corn syrup, corn solids are deadly to your body.

60. Recognize that we live in two worlds. The real of what is now and the virtual of what is possible. The virtual always precedes the real. Why is this important? It is very important if you choose to change where you are now. If you are overweight now and you desire to change your shape that in your virtual world you need to see yourself as the self of desire rather than the self of now.

61. Each morning when you start your day hold an image of your desired body. To help you along purchase a dress or slacks the size you are striving for and hang them on the front of your closet in full view each time you pass your closet. Hold that image and feel the joy of being that size.

62. Start your day with saying "today I feel better, Look better, and am happier than yesterday.

63. When someone asks you how you are, say "awesome," "terrific," "fabulous," or "better than yesterday."

64. Acknowledge the power of your words, and take note of the words you most often use during self talk. Which words are stored in your default memory? When you are confronted with new suggestions, do you embrace it with gusto or do you immediately go to "I can't do that" "it's too hard" "I am traveling this week" "I have to cook for my family and they will not eat this way" "It's too expensive" "I don't like the taste" " I don't like vegetables" "don't I need protein" "I can't start my day without caffeine"

65. Do you give you power to others? You do if another's opinion is more important than your own.

66. Never tell your family and friends you are changing your lifestyle unless you are absolutely certain they will support you. Accept the fact that friends are comfortable with you where you are. If you change, you will cause them discomfort, and in their discomfort they will cause you to be uncomfortable also.

67. When your friends and family notice the changes in you, share with them as much as they can handle. If they start to go down the path of how hard it must be, walk away. They are not ready to rejoice in your success.

68. Cravings often are short-lived. Try to wait at least 20 minutes before you act on a craving.

69. Opt for a healthier alternative to what you crave. Choose trail mix, mixed nuts and seeds, fresh fruits, or bake an apple for a sweet treat.

70. Buy your favorite treats in single-serving sizes. For example, buy a single cookie, rather than a whole box.

71. Have regularly scheduled snack times andenjoy a healthy snack that you've already stocked.

72. Indulge in a social treat -- rather than meals -- by calling a friend.

73. Keep a log of your cravings. Record what you were doing when you craved, how long you felt the craving and how you handled it.

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