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Queens Health Center II Queens Health Center II is Souderton, PA is a Premier Wellness Center focusing on health and healing. We incorporate state-of-the-art proven scientific methods to keep you and y...

Queen's Health Center II

Queen’s Health Center II is a Premier Wellness Center focusing on health and healing. We incorporate state-of-the-art proven scientific methods to keep you and your family healthy.

We believe the future of health and healing is to balance the body on every level. The medical experts are slowly recognizing that there is more to the human body than the physical structure. The human body in fact is made up of many layers, and, if we are to heal the body, we need to pay attention to all the layers. Since these layers are comprised of different energies, one approach will not solve the challenge on all levels. Presently experts acknowledge the following levels make up the human being.

  • The structural layer – the physical body (affected by surgery, manipulation),
  • The biochemical layer - the chemical reactions (affected by hormones, neuro-modulators, drugs, and supplements),
  • The energetic layer – vibrations (affected by massage, acupuncture),
  • The informational layer– subtle energy (affected by homeopathy)
  • The consciousness layer- subtle energy (affected by our thoughts and emotions for example love and fear)

Perhaps there are many more layers that we have yet to discover.

It is postulated that the man/woman is able to experiences only the state of health. He/she perceives illness as a degree of deviation from the state of health. In other words, a person perceives a relative state of health determined by the degree of deviation. By focusing on balancing all the layers of the body, including the subtle energies, we help to bring your body back into its normal state of optimal health.

The factors that interfere with body’s functions may manifest themselves in the physical, emotional and spiritual form; however, the original cause may be in the subtle energy level. For example, if you break the cover of your computer and water seeps inside, you may need to replace the whole computer, but if the wrong information is entered into your software, it will shut down your computer, and no matter how much power you put into your computer, or how much you clean the outside, or replace the cover, none of these changes will correct how the computer works. The only solution is to correct the information in the software.

In person’s life, trauma is a similar example. A trauma may have taken place years ago; the physical body has since healed, but the person has not returned to his/her original state of optimum health. And unless the information of the trauma is removed, the person may experience a variety of manifestations on many different levels including physical, mental, or emotional. In other words, physical activity will not remove the informational memory of trauma.

As we explore the human body and life in general, our old beliefs are being questioned. Allopathic medicine focuses on symptoms and disease and we need to move toward healing. We all know surgery, radiation, drugs, and even supplements do not heal. Supplements heal only if the person is deficient in them. What natural remedies really do is provide the framework where the body can heal itself with the availability of the necessary tools. On the other hand, experts know that people heal through prayer and meditation. What category do we place these in?

Prayer and meditation are forms of information, as are intentions, thoughts, words, hope and faith. Studies have shown that a prayer of gratitude yields different results than a prayer of desperation. The average person accepts that prayer heals yet it took the experts years to admit to that fact.

We at QHC II are in constant search of the best tools that we can offer you to reach the optimal level of health. Presently, these tools include individualized diet and exercise guidance, natural supplements and a variety of energetic devices. However, the basics will always be the most important: organic foods, clean water, pure air, daily activity, happy surroundings, nurturing and supportive relationships, a positive outlook on life, and prayer said in gratitude.

To Your Good Health;

Ria M. Gilday, N.D., C.N.

Dr. Ria

707 & 711 Rt. 113

County Line Plaza

Souderton, PA 18964

For Appointments QHC II 215-721-8828

Store Phone: 215-721-0577

QHC Fax: 215-721-8836

Store Fax: 215-721-9853

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