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Ria's Healthy Weight Loss:

Fast Easy & Safe

Wow! What a terrific book!

Ria's friendly, compassionate, and humorous text makes understanding the basics of weight loss, and the factors that contribute to weight gain, almost effortless.

As she once struggled with her weight, then lost it and has maintained her ideal weight for over 30 years since, she speaks from the unique perspective of someone who has "been there."

This book is full of interesting facts, and a level of compassion and empathy that other books lack. Her suggestions are doable for the average person out there who would like to trim off a few pounds and make the change toward a healthier lifestyle.

She cuts through the confusing and contradictory information out there with regard to things such as healthy vs. unhealthy oils, butter vs. margarine, organic foods, FMO foods, and multiple reasons (apart from how much you eat) that contribute to weight retention, I personally have implemented just a few of Dr. Ria's suggestions, and have already lost 7 pounds...with NO effort.

It is truly amazing how just few minor changes to how you do things can result in such noticeable changes. If you're sick of academic, technical, stodgy diet books, give this one a try. Ria's perspective s are truly a breath of fresh air.

C. M. Hawkins

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