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Below are the professional brands of supplements we most often utilize during our nutritional evaluations.
In addition we offer home test kits from ZRT Laboratories. These tests can be purchased and samples sent to ZRT Labs. to obtain results of some markers that are important to monitor in order to maintan optimum health.
NOTE: QHC II DOES NOT PERFORM any of the tests in house, nor do we collect samples.
Queen's Health Centers also offer TSM Primer .
TSM Primer is an updated and improved version of my original product LimuPlex. TSM Primer increases your energy, strengthens your immune system, and improves your focus, concentration and memory. Tens of thousands of clients have used LimuPlex and now are raving of the improved version found in TSM Primer with its many new ingredients supporting telomeres, stem cells, and mitochondria which are not found in the original LimuPlex.  
TSM Primer supports youthful aging process through strengthening new stem cells, protecting the telomeres and supporting mitochondrial function. TSM Primer helps to support muscular/skeletal system and joint mobility; aids in the elimination of toxins including heavy metals from the body; supports healthy nervous, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems; promotes hormonal balance and healthy urinary tract; supports healthy skin, hair and nails; restores your body’s composition by increasing lean muscle mass and lowering your fat percentage; helps in reducing your appetite and craving for sweets.
  1. Metagenics
  2. Apex
  3. Standard Process
  4. Premier Labs
  5. Thorn
  6. CHI
  7. Energetix
  8. Organic Coffee Beans
Home Saliva and Blood Spot Tests
  1. Vitamin D-3
  2. Female Hormones
  3. Male Hormones
  4. Thyroid Profile
  5. Gluten Sensitivity
  6. Cortisol levels
  7. DHEA
  8. Insulin
  9. c-reactive protein
  10. Hemoglobin A1c
  11. Triglycerides
  12. Feritily Profile